Monday, February 1, 2010

the future is so awesome. oh man! remember the internet?

This is getting bad, I haven't posted in a month. But whatever, I've been out enjoying my summer and all that. Then forgetting to take pictures. Sorry!
Here are a bunch of things I've been gawking at, listening to, reading and loving lately.


I read this and kind of fell in love with her grungy lifestyle of sex, drugs and creativity. Living on next to nothing in filthy abandoned factories and houses with nine other insane, disgusting, interesting and impossibly attractive people.


BACK IN BUSINESS. I'm so excited. Here is a picture of me that is a fake polaroid.

Skinny boys
Are so sexy. I don't know why. I want one.

Even the really wierd-looking ones. Especially the wierd-looking ones. Mackenzie and I have the same name, that's awesome.

Yvan Rodic
I draw endless amounts of inspiration from Yvan Rodic (AKA The Facehunter)'s photo travel journal. Travel inspiration, the most important kind.

Having bears for shoulders
Sounds like something I could be down with.

I want a tattoo.

Nashville Skyline

This is currently my favourite album. I can't stop listening to it, it always happens to be exactly what I feel like hearing. I'll always love you, Bob.

The only instance in which 'LOL' can be used appropriately.

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