Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am learning to play the piano! We're housing one for friends right now and every time I walk past it I am gripped by this overwhelming urge to be able to plonk down and play the boogie woogie. So, I'm getting there. I can play some Yankee Doodle/When The Saints Come Marching In nonsense, a song about a horse with gold teeth and some Bob Dylan songs (poorly). When I can play Nashville Skyline in it's entirety then I will move on the Louis Armstrong, and then the boogie woogie. Maybe even some Ludwig Van.
I taught myself how to play the bass (with some help from someone in a band) so this should be okay.

Except that this particular piano sounds terrible. Every time I play it I can hear my mother shouting, in the distance. It's unnerving.

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