Sunday, April 25, 2010

oh right, twitter

Totally forgot I had an account. Read through my old 'tweets', it basically goes like this:

"geez, how many films HAVE been made about zombies? it is my mission to watch them all."


"i am not tall enough for new zealand's next top model"

"cooking pasta. wearing sunglasses at night. listening to the shins. knitting. not catching swine flu."

"redecorating the walls with boogers."

"just ate another corn chip. will keep you updated on the rest."

Nice to know that people care about my rambling broadcasts. Or do they? The Twitter hype was short lived with good reason.

New on the to do list: go to the Mars Bar in East Village, New York. Experience the amazing jukebox, constant stench of pee and contracting HIV/AIDS from the bathroom for myself.

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