Saturday, July 10, 2010

i can't wait for summer

Sorry to make all the fellow kiwis jealous, but for me it's only three short weeks away! This winter has been miserable - yesterday I developed chilblains which is why I am blogging all day instead of being at work. I gave my two weeks notice yesterday! Then I have a whole week of funemployment to pack up my things and say goodbye to everyone before finally arriving in the middle of a hot, sunny Istanbul summer. I'm already buying shorts and sandals.

All above images from The Sartorialist.

PS - My ChloƩ perspex wedge heels have arrived! How Cher Horowitz are these?


  1. ugg screw you! i hate chillblanes, ive got them ever since i was like 10. bad circulation. they will disapear like a day after you get to instanbul. and those shoes are caautte! & CHLOE`!? wow. jealous.

  2. Yeah, I too have terrible horrible no good circulation. We need to exercise more!

    Yep, I love a good Trademe bargain.