Monday, August 23, 2010

it has been a while

I've been incredibly slack with this blog lately! I'm going to evoke the classic blogger's excuse: I've been busy. But it's true! After I moved to Turkey I didn't really have access to the internet for a while as I was travelling around the country, but even once I was back in Istanbul I didn't have the free time.
A week ago I moved to New Hampshire in the US, and so far I'd say it's been a great decision. I'm living with an old family friend (who actually used to be my nanny, when I lived in Alaska!) and her family - they've all been so incredibly welcoming.
And what am I doing here? I'm going back to school! I never 'officially' finished high school so I've decided to suck it up and go back while I'm still young enough. I'll keep you updated on my 'American High School Experience'. School starts in just over a week - tomorrow I'm going to enroll and choose my subjects tomorrow. I've written down some options:
- Creative writing
- Drama
- Film studies
- Physics
- Astronomy
- French
- Science fiction

Science fiction as a school subject! I think I'm going to enjoy this next year.

We went to stay at the lake house in Maine last weekend, here are some photos of the trip.

Cheers Jenn for taking such amazing photos!

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