Friday, October 30, 2009


When I quit spending all my money on plane tickets, I'm going to invest in some tattoos. Right now I just have a collection of ideas for small, singular tats but eventually I hope to get an entire sleeve design that I love.

This is going to be my first one, or at least a slightly modified version of this. I want it on my left forearm, just under my elbow.

I want a small sillouette of a gecko next to my hipbone.

I really want a foot tattoo, I just haven't decided on a design yet.

Admittedly a bit unoriginal, but I love it.

How badass would this Rubiks cube be? I want a medium sized version on my right wrist. I've wanted it for ages but I'm going to wait it out a while longer, in case I change my mind. Also the wrist is a really distortable area, I'm still weighing up whether this will really matter.

Just because. Just to prove I have them. And no one has to see it unless I want them to.

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