Friday, October 30, 2009

venice beach, i love you

Probably one of my favourite places. I was in love with it before I had even set foot there, which I did a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I only got one photo of the place, right before my camera battery died! And of course I had been through LAX, so as per usual I was missing half my belongings, battery charger included. I was unable to find another charger, so while I got heaps of photos of New York, LA is distinctly lacking. But that's where the internet comes in.
I give you Venice Beach, my future home (thanks to the internet).

Except this one. I hurriedly snapped it right upon arriving, planning to capture hordes of photos of the beach, the atmosphere and the people. Never mind.

Oh, and this one. These girls were on the trip with me.

My friend Broghan and I rented rollerblades and skated from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and then up and down the boardwalk and bike path. It was amazing, except that she's not such the most awesome skater and I ended up towing her for a lot of the way. As she said, "there's something about friendship...". I turn my back on her for one second and she falls over a dog and scalps her knee. Everyone on the boardwalk witnesses this except me, I was disappointed.

Luckily it wasn't this busy on that day.

One day, Venice. One day we'll be together.

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