Thursday, April 15, 2010


I got a haircut today, a wee bob. I actually rather enjoy getting my hair cut, not only because I love having a new style/colour, but because the salon I go to and the ladies that work there are just so lovely. I modelled for them in a hairstyling competition last year - they spent an entire day colouring my hair, then chopped most of it off the next day, in front of judges and various onlookers. It actually looked really interesting - first place might I add.
Today I opted for something a little less exaggerated. Although as I sat I read fashion magazines that informed me bobs were out for good - dammit! This always happens. But upon turning the page and discovering thigh-high boots and leggings with holes are all the rage, I think my bob will fare just fine.
While she was waiting for the foils to season, my hairdresser asked 'have you seen our Facebook page?'
'No', I replied.
'Oh, well you really should. You're on it.'
Naturally I raced home, bob a-bouncing, and lo and behold, there I am.

Looking a little haggard, but nevertheless. I may show you a picture of my new cut if I can manage to casually work my way into a photograph. I find it much too awkward taking photos of myself.

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