Tuesday, April 13, 2010

red bull and coffee week, aka nyds

National Youth Drama School 2010 was a blast! It was my first year there, but I'll definetly be back next year. I took one of the week-long options - directing theatre - certainly a lot to take in but I learned heaps. It's amazing being surrounded by so many young people who are just as passionate about the same sorts of things I am, it's inspiring and exciting. I must have been too busy to take photos or something, but here are some I've dug up from Facebook.

Singing the 'school song'

Chilling in Hastings before the big performance

The beautiful Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay Opera House, where we performed

My class directed and performed several scenes from Peter Shaffer's Amadeus

Circus Skills

Acting Voice

Stage Combat

Musical Theatre

All in all, an incredible week. Highly recommend it.

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